Anyone watch the new TVD?

Oh you did…so did i.

Would you like to see how I’m doing right now?

Right then.

Here we go…

And finally for your viewing pleasure we have:

hi my name is Matthew and I physically cannot.

Hey yeah…

I don’t know really know if you have seen the new Vampire Diaries. Let me just tell you..

From this:

to this:

to moments of this:

And finally ending up back at:

My name is Matthew Koehler…and Vampire Diaries has taken my feelings and killed them.

It’s at 2AM that I find I find the most romantic posts about life ever on Tumblr.

No matter where I go, no matter what I do…there will always be Marble Hornets to comfort me.

Watching Paranormal Activity 3. And also buying my tickets for the LOLNOPE train which will be heading on a one way trip to FUCKTHATVILLE.

This movie is terrifying.

A Pretty Little Liars Interview with Marline King...
Interviewer: Did Toby ever really have feelings for Spencer (Troian Bellisario)?
King: That's the story we're going to tell [in the next part of the season] and you'll get a better sense of it.
Interviewer: Could he still possibly have good intentions?
King: No.
I am sorry and we want to remember this?!

I am sorry and we want to remember this?!

So the new Teen Wolf Episode….

Oh and next week’s aka the last episode…that’s gonna be just as painful. I can already tell.

That’s the number 1 thing about most X-Men movies. Pointing to a scene and asking yourself where did that happen in the comics again? OH WAIT.

Look what I found…(for the billionth and ninth time)

After i read this i immediately did this…

Subsequently followed by…

And finally ended with…